Gone sailing...

Dear readers of The Ionian magazine,
After five intensive years working on the magazine, I have decided to take a year off and go sailing.
Several reasons have prompted me to do this: firstly, the difficult economic situation in Greece has made selling of advertising challenging; secondly, I need a business manager to look after the nuts and bolts of the magazine and will reconsider publishing if/when I find someone suitable; and thirdly, I really missed sailing and had no time for both the magazine and my boat. Also, an illness last year has caused me to reconsider my priorities.
Thank you for all the positive comments you have been emailing me, I really appreciate them and if you know anyone who would love to take over the magazine or just the business part of it, please let me know.
See you on the water,

Writers and Photographers wanted

The Ionian magazine is seeking writers and photographers who are seeking fame and glory. Not fortune at this time, I am sorry to say, but we do offer a small honorarium, a short biography and a link to your website if you wish in exchange for your Ionian stories and photos.

If you would like to have your images considered for one of our covers, take a look at our previous covers here for examples of what we need. We especially like cover photos with people in them.
Please click our Editorial Guidelines for more information on how to submit your work.
And if you are looking for fortune and live in the Ionian, we're looking for island reps. For more information check out our job  page.

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Can't wait for summer...

Good news for small businesses.

According to Ekathimerini writer Prokopis Hatzinikolaou, "small and medium-sized Greek enterprises with an annual turnover of up to 10,000 euros will be able to spare themselves from the system of value-added tax returns as long as they submit an application by Monday, January 12.
Up to 415,000 small to medium businesses are eligible for the provision that will allow them not to charge VAT on the receipts and invoices they issue and relieves them of having to submit a quartely VAT statement and payment. 
The turnover theshold of 10,000 euros concerns the 2014 financial year and does not include VAT.
Farmers and sellers of new vehicles are not eligible."

Too bad that the news has only been posted on January 7, barely five days before the deadline.

October issue is here...

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Season's End

It's nearly October as I write this and so another summer comes to an end. The last charter flights will soon take the remaining tourists back home, most of the tavernas will close their doors, the yachts will be put back on their stands in the boat yards until next spring, and the rainy season will begin.
Maddie Grigg describes this well in her article, Autumn in Corfu. Also, Andy James has a suggestion for those lucky people who remain in the Ionian - hiking Pantokrator, the highest mountain on Corfu. Read about his experience in Pantokrator: Leviathan or Chameleon.

And so, farewell until spring, hope to see you back in the Ionian.
Happy reading...

Barbara Molin

September issue of The Ionian is here!

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Back To School

September is already here! How quickly the summer passed. Children are returning to school and the retired, who escaped the summer's heat and the crowds up north are back to enjoy the quiet anchorages and slower pace at their favourite tavernas.
This month we have Maddie Grigg and Andy James writing about Corfu Island. Maddie's contributio n is The Achilleion Palace describing one of the island's famous estates, while Andy lets us in on some of his favourite haunts in Corfu's Most Beutiful Village.
Our cover photo is by Peter Jeffery. He tells us that when he took the image it was early morning in July, when the sun hadn't quite risen over Albania and so gave a warm, even light of Kassiopi's beaches to show the Ioniann's great clarity and colour.

Enjoy reading...
~~~_/)* Barbara Molin

August Issue is here!

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Is it hot or is it hot?

And the only way to keep cool in the Ionian is to stay close to the water. This shouldn't be too difficult and our stories this month show you how.
Andy James writes about his favourite  beach on Lefkas Island in, In Praise of Agiofili Beach, while Maddie Grigg shares a lovely celebration that if you hurry, you might be able to catch on August 10, in Paleokastritsa on the west coast of Corfu Island (where it's cool).
And what would a life on board be without an occasional unusual visitor. Read about it in Another Side of Boatyard Life by Karya Leschke.
Our cover this month is Old Man in Kinopiastes by Andy.

Happy reading....

~~_/)* Barbara Molin

July issue is here

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Summer is here!

The longest day of the year has come and gone and we're in the middle of summer.
After spending a season or two in the Ionian, many of us dream of settling down for good in this lovely area of Greece. Maddie Grigg and her husband decided on a one year sabbatical just to see what that would be like and Maddie writes about their experience in A year in Corfu. In fact they've enjoyed their year so much they've signed up for a repeat!
We also have an update with dolphin sighting reports from Joan Gonzalvo of the Ionian Dolphin Project.
Our cover photo this month is by Joan Gonzalvo/Tethys Research Institute. Bottlenose dolphin leaping out of the water.

Happy reading...

~~_/)* Barbara Molin

Scorpios Island anchoring

An open letter to the Rybolovleva family, the new owners of Scorpios

As a long-term British sailor in the Ionian from Corfu down to Cephalonia and particularly the area around Levkas and Megannissi I was saddened this year to see the red buoys stationed all around Scorpios and the No Mooring or Anchoring signs in all the bays.  I was under the impression that it was permitted to anchor and even set foot on the shores of Scorpios providing one didn’t step over the High Water Mark; has there been a change of international or local law to allow this to happen?
To a degree, I can understand that when one pays in the region of £100m for an island, one wants some privacy but these bays used to be enjoyed by many without violating the rights of the owner and now it’s not possible to even enter a bay and anchor for a swim.

Having lost the privilege of anchoring off Scorpios, may I suggest that it might go some considerable way to mollify us mariners of all categories who frequent the waters around Scorpios if the Rybolovleva family were to finance the construction of a beacon on the Hieromiti Reef just South-East of Scorpios Island.  With least depth of about 1m, this reef is a menace to all navigation and is not very conspicuous; especially when the afternoon breeze gets up.  Sometimes a buoy is placed on the reef but this usually gets washed away in winter storms.  A permanent Isolated Danger beacon made from rocks or concrete and ideally, appropriately lit with a solar-powered light would be most appreciated by all the many, many boat owners and holidaymakers who sail these waters in summer and beyond and who worry (or at least should worry) about the exact position of the reef.  Such a beacon would be a permanent addition to the Scorpios environment as well as offering a degree of immortality for the benefactor if the beacon were named after them……

 Yours Sincerely,

Steve Miller S/Y Ithaca

June issue is here

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Inspirations and Distractions

Our lives tend to be a mix of ups and downs: roads taken, not taken and those we wish we had taken before we became distracted. And sometimes we become inspired and a new direction is revealed. And so it is with our stories this month. 
Barbara de Machula never disappoints even when distracted by life's more difficult aspects and we are grateful for The Art of Dairy Farming, which she sent from a hospital bed. We wish her a speedy recovery.
Ned Kelly, who is a newly published novelist is both inspired and distracted in his work as he and his wife, Barbara enjoy our lovely Ionian Sea aboard their yacht, Grey Glider. He shares his life aboard with us in Inspiration From The Ionian.
Our cover photo this month is Corfu Town by Miriam van Veldhoven-Janssen who with her husband lives part of the year on Lefkas island. She says that the inspiration for her photography is 'what else but the magical Greek light'.

Happy reading......

~~_/)* Barbara Molin

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May Issue is here!

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Spring Squall

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. You might be sailing along on a broad reach with a warm breeze teasing your hair, when suddenly the sky turns steel grey and before you can douse the sails, a fierce squall is tossing your boat dangerously close to rocks. And just as quickly, the clouds disapppear and all that remains is the mess to clean up down below and the ripped sails to send in for repairs. Something similar happened to me earlier this year, but I'm back on track and looking forward to another fun season of producing The Ionian.
And so, we welcome you to read why Lefkas is one of the nicest towns, according to Rich and Nancy Sequest in "Our Visit to Lefkas." Also, if you have ever wanted to sail but were afraid to start,  Sarah Nash tells you how she did it in, "Come Sailing." And we hope that, "An Encounter with Marcos," by Gordon Knight will have you chuckling. Our cover is of Lefkas waterfront by Kamila Zadora, who comes from Poland, and for the past two years, has been living in Vasiliki on Lefkada Island.
Wishing you always squall free sailing.

Happy reading...

                  ≈≈_/)* Barbara Molin

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